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This Red-Brick Compound Puts Glassy Moderns to Shame

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Architects are always going on about bringing the outdoors in or bridging the gap between the two, often when it comes to glassy modern homes. Philip Johnson, the designer of the glassy modern home, once referred to the landscape surrounding it as "very expensive wallpaper," and variations on this idea are a dime a dozen in project descriptions. Though at first glance it looks like little more than three brick-clad cubes, Barcelona's Casa 1101 could claim to bridge this gap and truly mean it, with two connecting spaces that can be converted from indoor sitting areas to outdoor lounges at a moment's notice.

Barcelona-based H Arquitectes separated the home into three wings, with the easternmost block containing three children's bedrooms and a playroom, the middle mass serving as the living room and kitchen, and the last volume housing the parents' bedroom and a double-height studio on the second floor. The interiors are just as minimal as the outside, with white-painted brick walls and timber plank ceilings.

With cement floors that continue from the transitional spaces to form garden patios, the very connecting elements of the home are part and parcel with the lawn and gardens. Now that "red brick porn" is officially "a thing," this home is proof that it's time to ditch the transparent contemporary for something a bit more grounded.

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