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Here's What a Club-Themed Sexual Health Clinic Looks Like

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Though the hall of mirrors, neon signage, and rainbow-hued private booths might suggest otherwise, this sparkly, stylish locale in London's nightlife-centric SoHo district is not some new nightclub, but instead a sexual health clinic themed to look just as fun and happening as its dance club, music venue, and bar neighbors. Designed by the London-based firm PENSON—who previously outfitted an only marginally less bizarre UK office for Google—the so-called Dean Street Express opens onto a winding, tangerine entryway, with various "shopfront"-style booths used for electronic registration.

Downstairs, the waiting room offers movie theater-style seating, vintage posters, and polka dot walls. Even the private consultation rooms (the VIP section, perhaps?) are decked out in wacky prints and bold wallpaper. Check out more photos of the flashiest new addition to the growing league of super cool medical clinics, right this way, and stay tuned for that sexual health clinic-themed nightclub that's surely just around the corner.

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