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Aspen's Cheapest Single Family Home Is Still 1 Million Dollars

Everyone knows Aspen, Colorado is crazy expensive, but with low inventory and a rebounding market, the cheapest single family home currently on the market is listed at $1,050,000. Venture outside of the historic downtown, buy a condo, or live in a trailer and you can find less expensive housing, but if you want a livable (read: not a teardown) house, this 2 bedroom, 1 bath home on Main street is your only option. At 912 square feet, we're not sold on the purple exterior paint, but the inside is nice enough with a neutral palette, decent wood floors, and an unoffensive (albeit bland) kitchen. The rooms are tiny and don't expect a baller ski locker or hot tub, but flexible zoning means potential buyers could use this restored Victorian as a residence or business. Want something nicer but still within the pedestrian-friendly Aspen core? Inventory for single-family homes really don't start opening up unless you can shell out at least $3 million.

· 616 W Main St, Aspen, CO 81611 [Zillow]
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