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Take to the Roof in This Dapper, Futuristic Prefab

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There are any number of reasons someone might want to put one house on top of another, be it a mountain villa perched on a Beijing apartment complex, or a log cabin atop a Soviet-era high-rise. With the LoftCube, German furniture designer Werner Aisslinger has come up with a prefab home specifically designed with that purpose in mind. "Imagine a place... where your spirit can fly," enjoins the project description. Done. It looks just like this, all organically shaped with a panoramic view.

In many ways, Aisslinger's design makes good on the aesthetic promise of futuristic prefabs from decades past, with all the benefits of their modern counterparts; the Loftcube is very customizable, can be assembled relatively quickly onsite or off, and saves on materials and energy costs. To have one built and brought to the U.S. would cost anywhere from $111K to $180K, depending on the specifications, so it's not the cheapest micro home option around, but it certainly is one of the most stylish.

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