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$3.5M NYC Castle is 'Like Living in a Fancy Olive Garden'

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The verdict is in on Curbed NY's latest Monday Mansion, which drew comparisons to Ukraine's abandoned presidential palace and "a film set for Married to the Mob," but was most aptly summarized as "like living in a fancy Olive Garden," and presumably not in the unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks kind of way. Initially listed in August of 2012 for $3.8M, this redoubtable 12,000-square-foot five-bedroom has been marked down to $3.5M in the nearly two years since, and according to broker Kristina Gershteyn, that lost time is due to the fact that "it takes a special person to appreciate that kind of house, that kind of style. It's not modern. You kind of have to fall in love with it." Fall in love with the columns and balusters out front and the palatial features the interior should be no surprise—porcelain-tile floors, hand-painted ceilings, inlaid medallions, massive French doors, sumptuous drapes and tapestries every which way—but a few things are strange even by McCastle standards, like the 700-gallon aquarium in the grand foyer. Check out the highlights below, and visit Curbed NY for all the glorious details.

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