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It Costs Less Than $9M to Reign Over This 'Palace-Like' Villa

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Instead of letting that spare $8,827,586 lie around collecting dust, why not instead spend it on a personal villa—the Villa Andreae, to be exact—in Hesse, Germany. Built in 1891 by German architect Franz von Hoven, the "palace-like" estate sits right in the middle of its very own 189,542-square-foot park, dotted with sculpture gardens, guest quarters, and a pond. Inside, insane 53-foot-tall ceilings, intricate, wood-paneled walls, and many a fresco set the scene for both stately, rather traditional decor—think coat of arms, urns, and heavy wooden furniture—and one surprisingly modern tower bedroom suite that seems to have stumbled out of a cheesy romance movie and found its way into this German manor. There's also a 20 car garage, and about a million balconies and terraces built for gazing across one's kingdom. Take a look around, below:
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