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Inside Designer Wesley Moon's 'Fantasy of Uptown Elegance'

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The latest New York Magazine Space of the Week pulls back the brush-trim silk curtain on interior designer Wesley Moon's renovation of his 650-square-foot NYC apartment, what he calls a "fantasy of uptown elegance." Moon and his partner, Sal, settled on it after over a year of searching, where "everything we saw in our range was beyond help." Unwilling to settle for the "not bad" and "totally livable" state the apartment was in before, Moon broadsided the small abode with a complete revision—repurposing rooms entirely, knocking down a few walls—and the result is pretty sublime. In the living room (pictured above) the luxury quotient was given a significant boost by a pair of floor to ceiling curtains, a French Deco area rug from Rug & Kilim, and coffee table found, as with many of Moon's pieces, at the Paris Flea Market in Saint-Ouen. Care to take a tour of the rest?

Before photo by Wesley Moon; After photo by William Waldron/NY Mag

↑ Moon turned the once-drab living room into a bedroom, and designed the bed himself, which is upholstered in frolicsome purple Loro Piana cashmere and nicely framed by twin Sunny D-colored side tables by USM. The pair of flanking mid-century wall sconces came from the Paris Flea Market.

↑ Moon gave the ho-hum kitchen what for with a whole lot of marble; marble countertops, a marble backdrop behind the stove, and a floor of 300-year-old reclaimed marble tiles from Paris Ceramics. The new cabinetry he designed himself.

↑ Reversing the floor plan, Moon turned the original bedroom into a dining area. After remodeling, he brought in 1950s wall sconces of perforated metal from the Paris Flea Market, brush-trim silk drapes from Houlès, vintage Italian chairs reupholstered in alligator-embossed patent leather, and a turn-of-the-century claw-foot table from eBay.

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