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Spend a Weekend Off the Grid in This Charming Micro Shack

Created as a wee little weekend retreat for a Washington, D.C. family, The Shack at Hinkle Farm in rural South Fork Mountain, West Va. offers a ridiculously picturesque, totally electricity-free getaway. Maryland-based Broadhurst Architects designed the place as a step up from really roughing it in a tent, but not quite as luxe as as some of the posher microdwellings out there—or even truly outlandish "glamping" offerings. Instead, there's a small wooden stove for heat, a rooftop rain collecting system that gathers water for the outdoor shower, and a whole lot of oil lamps.

In order to stave off critters from pawing into the often unoccupied quarters, the home sits slightly lofted off the ground, thanks to four wooden posts. The actual structure is built from locally milled pine—save for one an aluminum and glass garage door—with a wooden deck jutting off to one side, and sweet interior decor that looks exactly like a page torn out of an L.L. Bean catalogue. Bless This Stuff has the full gallery, right this way.

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