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Let This Guy Named 'Gone' Show You How to Live in a Silo

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Coming by way of Curbed Chicago is this video of an (almost intolerable) fellow by the name of David "Gone" Brault, who's created a home inside a grain silo on Chicago's Southwest Side. This mini-documentary has everything: people using the phrase "liberated" to mean "stole" unironically, confused mentions of paganism, talk of the apocalypse ("I'm not worried about it, but I do want it to happen"), beanies, milk crates, "selling out," and chickens poking around a barren garden. Gone is quick to philosophize on the meaning of "home" and show enthusiasm about helping people in the event of the apocalypse, but a commenter over at Curbed Chicago makes a very good point: "there are 116,042 people living on the streets of Chicago right now, not by choice. Why doesn't he connect with them and offer resources to those that want them?" Anyway, see how he's created his home, below.

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