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Renovated Farmhouse Has Shockingly Minimalist Interiors

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Judging by its exterior alone, this 1890 farmhouse in Moorenweis, Germany looks quaint and picturesque, sure, but certainly not like the recipient of a major renovation project. On the inside, though, German-born architect Buero Philipp Moeller went to town transforming the 4,176-square-feet space into an extremely minimalist, intimidatingly cool home to a family of four. A lot of emphasis went into preserving as many key features as possible, so the living room, dining room, kitchen, and small bedroom on the first floor all remained as untouched as possible. Upstairs though, the massive, open floor-plan attic has new, bare white walls, pale, oiled oak floors, and uncovered, original beams. Take a look, this way:

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