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Step Inside a Fashion Designer's Stunning Paris Pied-à-Terre

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Of the renovation of her Paris flat, in a seventeenth-century building on the southern bank of the Seine, L.A.-based jewelry-and-fashion designer Veronica Toub tells Architectural Digest that "there was not a square inch we didn't touch," "we" including Paris-based architect Laurent Bourgois. Nevertheless, the preservation group Architectes des Bâtiments de France being the presence that it is, there were a few they weren't allowed to do, like turn the conservatory into a terrace, but many of the changes they did undertake were pretty dramatic; knocking together a bedroom, two small baths, and a kitchen to create a large master bedroom with enough closet space for a sartorial entrepreneur, for example. "Veronica is one of those people who can put quite different things together in a balanced way," a friend explains to AD, and anyone who's able to balance a pink-striped Alexandra von Furstenberg acrylic console with a pair of shiny black boomerang-shaped cocktail tables (in the Salon, picture above) is probably worth learning a few things from. Get schooled below:

↑Toub's master bedroom takes to the high seas with a Jolly Roger throw by Just Divine Cashmere. On one side of the bed sits a Thonet chaise longue covered in Rubelli linen, next to one of a pair of side tables that, like the lamps and sconces, came straight from LB Décoration. Bisson Bruneel did the wall covering.

↑In the family room, an Anglo-Indian lounge chair sits across from a sectional sofa by Molteni&C. The laudably alarming wall of snakes is composed of a series of photographs by Guido Mocafico, and the ophidian theme continues in the entrance hall with a serpent-shaped wall sconce by Manuela Zervudachi.

↑On the left is Toub's amazing skylit bath, which was converted from a conservatory, where a freestanding Waterworks tub with Bistrot fittings takes center stage, surrounded by a Bisazza-tile wainscot designed to look like button-tufted upholstery. The dark place on the right is its evil twin. Read more about Bourgois' renovation and Toub's careful curating at Architectural Digest.

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