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Where To Go When the Snow Melts: Portillo, Chile

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It's officially the shoulder season, the muddy, frustrating time in the high country when crowds disappear, but so does the skiing. It'll take a few weeks for the hiking and mountain biking trails to dry out, so in the meantime, we're bringing you a series of articles on what to do when the snow melts.

Where: Portillo, Chile
Who Will Love it: Skiing diehards or families looking for a unique summer vacation
The Skinny: If the shoulder-season blues have already hit hard and you just can't imagine waiting until October to slide on snow, you need to plan a trip to Portillo, Chile. With a ski season that runs from June 21 through October 5, Ski Portillo offers North American skiers a chance to get a summertime powder fix in the Andes. The ski area only allows 450 guests per week and offers guides and heli-skiing for off-piste daredevils, so you're pretty much guaranteed to have a good time (and plenty of snow!). There are tons of promotions and events (oenophiles should check out the Chilean Wine Week in August) but we advise going in mid-July during the 2014 World Cup. Portillo plans to install huge TVs to catch all the soccer action in nearby Brazil, so you can expect kickass skiing and après parties surrounded by soccer football mania. Gooooaaaal!

-Photos courtesy of Ski Portillo, by 1. Adam Clark 2. Jonathan Selkowitz 3-5. Frank Shine 6-7. Diego Munita

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