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Fight Over Park City Mountain Resort Turns Nasty

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It's official, the Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) vs. Talisker lawsuit has degraded into a war of words and the name calling is getting nasty. The two met in court this week to hash out a whole slew of issues stemming from PCMR's alleged faulty lease renewal in 2011. Here's what happened.

There has been plenty of drama in the past few months (like when Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz sent this friendly little letter) but we knew things were going to get intense once court was in session.

John Cumming, the CEO of Powdr Corp (PCMR's parent company), spoke to reporters yesterday and once again made Vail out to be a big, bad bully. He claims Vail Resorts is "in a bit of a pickle with the deal that they've done to acquire the Canyons, and they're hoping they can get Park City Mountain Resort cheap enough to justify it." Cumming is obviously referencing the fact that many believe Vail overpaid for the Canyons because they believed it was a two-for-one deal with PCMR.

In what has become a classic use of emotional rhetoric, Cumming went on to say that the case is a "terribly tragic situation, potentially, for our team at Park City and the community."

How did Vail respond? Cool as a cucumber, but not without their own uppercut jab. "We are pleased that these legal matters are progressing. While losing this case may be a tragedy for John Cumming and his family, it will not be a tragedy for the resort or the Park City community. We look forward to the court's determination."

Frankly, we're getting a bit tired of this verbal nonsense. What do you think, Curbediverse?

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