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'Pole House' Offers Bond Villain-Grade Isolation, Killer Views

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Standing like a giant, minimalist birdhouse above the Australian coast, Pole House, a post-topped beach abode built for the modest Bond villain, comes complete with window'd walls looking out onto the waves and a limited access point to make the inevitable action scenes particularly exciting. Perched atop a 131-foot pillar, the house, up for rent, asking $2,660AUS, or roughly $2,468.48 a week, is described in the super dramatic rental listing as "a landmark, a manmade natural attraction, a concrete apostle, a sentinel guarding the eastern gate to The Great Ocean Road." Pole House is meant to float in the sky, taking advantage not only of views of turquoise water, but also of the easy access to ocean breezes (insta-climate control), inevitable horizon photos (Instagrams), and the "a vertiginous thrill" of being "high out over the water [as if] off the front of a mighty ship as it cuts through rolling swell" (insta-DiCaprio).

Designed initially in the '70s ("a time before computers and ring roads when the coast was a rumor, and it became a totem in a far place") by architect Frank Dixon, the rental has since been rehabbed by Franco Fiorentini of F2 Architecture, who brought in all the super sleek interior finishes, like faucets that "have lights hidden in their mouths shining down along the bubbling paths of falling water" and a "bathroom pod clad in burnt ash panels" and "a suspended fireplace [that] hangs from its own chimney... essentially a fire burning in a cold sea" and floors made of "a dark stone the Medicis might have trod."

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