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Drop $3M on a Replica of George Washington's Mount Vernon

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Right: Mount Vernon; Left: George Washington Inn

For those not roused into a fit of political and historical passion by the great many knock-off White Houses and Alamos of the world, consider instead dropping $3M on this 10,000-square-foot Port Angeles, Wash. manse built as a replica to Mount Vernon, the Virginia estate that served as George Washington's home for over 40 years. Currently, the extremely impressive, oceanfront copycat serves as the George Washington Inn, which was meticulously constructed in 2003 both "in honor of our first president's faith and legacy," and, possibly, to tap into the mysterious selling power Washington seems to posses. The massive estate is split into five suites as of now—including such aptly-named rooms as the General's Suite and Martha's Suite—each with their own bathroom and small sitting area. There's also an organic lavender farm onsite, as well as a brokerbabble-described "geothermal heating system that provides natural energy," both of which the real Mount Vernon did not have (sorry, George). History buffs and aspiring B&B owners alike, take a peek:

· 939 Finn Hall Rd, Port Angeles, Wash. [Zillow via Zillow Blog]
· George Washington Inn [Official site]
· Mount Vernon [Official site]