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Go Lawn-Surfing on Bjarke Ingels' Newest Apartments

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Danish-born enfant terrible of the architecture world and former Koolhaas protege Bjarke Ingels has something BIG planned for Taiwan, and we're talking craggy grass-covered strata of apartments big. Fresh off of designing a 10-mile barrier to protect Manhattan from storm surges, and having their pair of twisted condo towers break ground in Miami, Bjarke Ingels Group is in the running for a 2014 MIPIM award in the category of "Best Futura Project" for a senior focused-apartment complex planned for the Hualien County of Taiwan. Designed as an active lifestyle community for Hualien's aging demographic, the development "seeks to find the perfect balance between nature, health and the built environment."

According to a project description from BIG, the shape of the structures was designed "to encourage the growth of a community that is health-conscious and productive." To that end, Ingel's firm incorporated designated speed-walking paths "studded with interesting activities to pique interest and encourage more walking and exercise," including an observation point, performance stage, restaurants, and shops. The complex will also have on-grounds medical facilities, and for getting in a bit of cardio when the weather's bad, a set of underground jogging paths. The apartments themselves also look pretty slick; check them out below, and head to Architizer for the full gallery.

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