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Shipping Containers Just Got the Inevitable Mansion Treatment

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If it wasn't abundantly clear before, this upcycled mansion made of 31 shipping containers proves it; the trend has officially jumped the shark. Yes, shipping container construction is officially "over," taking a dirt nap, assuming room temperature. It's time to pack up those waiting rooms, pop-up spas, designer pads, and urban farms, and get those corrugated steel boxes back to transporting papayas or iPad covers or whatever. The dream is over, people, and it was done in by a 6,000 square-foot home in Graceville, Australia with a graffiti-mural beauty mark and a saltwater pool.

If the shipping container was the pitch-altered vocal track, then Australian architecture firm ZeilgerBuild would be Jay Z on "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)", killing it. Though London's "weirdest building" and one peppy Indonesian library came close, neither gathered this many shipping containers for a single-family home, or went this upscale with it. The photos show the interior decked out with a pop-art theme, with a surprising amount of wood paneling and, it must be said, a double-height living room that actually looks pretty nice. Which, of course, only further proves that the pinnacle of shipping container design has been reached, and unless someone builds a skyscraper out of them and covers it in a vertical garden, or Zaha Hadid abandons the swoops and jumps on board, we're done here.

Living in a shipping container on top of an old grain silo is still cool though.

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