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How Architects Used Candy to Rethink Children's Museums

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Rendering and chart via Co.Design

Whether it's by piercing modernist structures with enormous giraffes, building cat-shaped elementary schools, or experimenting with colors even Pantone hasn't recognized yet, architects are continually trying to figure out how to make things more appealing to kids. Enter Sports, an L.A.-based firm that bypassed all the subtleties and went right for the jugular: sugar. Everything about The Sweetness, a proposal for a new children's museum in Louisville, Ky., was inspired by candy, from the floor plan (it "looks like a Dot pinched together in the middle," writes Shaunacy Ferro on Co.Design) to the exhibit spaces (they're "arranged like ringed layers of salt water taffy"). Sadly, this temple to confectionery greatness lost out in the competition, but its spirit—"to create a novel architectural expression of fun, delight, and amusement by exploring something children find irresistible," according to the team—is (ugh, sorry) delicious nonetheless. Check out what the interior might have looked like, below.

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