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Sans Color, This Zig-Zag Home is Still the Grooviest Around

Instead of committing to either an all-black or entirely white facade—as oh-so-many houses are wont to do—this so-called Trish House, designed by London-based architect Matthew Heywood, instead alternates with two, contrasting floors. Pushed back from the road and sheltered within a lush garden property in Kent, England, the six-bedroom home is patterned in "traditional Kentish weatherboarding" broken up by angular floor-to-ceiling windows. Inside, the decor is no less eye-catching, with what has to be the grooviest living rooms of all time—complete with a suspended fireplace that dangles from the second floor through the open stairwell.

Just as color-eschewing as the outside, the furniture is almost completely gray, save for orb-like hanging lamps in candy colors and exactly one aqua bedspread. If the the two-story building looks out of place against the Kent countryside, it's entirely intentional. Says the architect, "in contrast to the surrounding nature the form and lines of the house are intentionally very geometric and crisp, creating a dialogue between the organic woodland and the modernist box." More photos, below:

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