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A Detroit Auto Baron's Massive Former Estate Wants $1.2M

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Ever the place for kooky adaptive projects, beautiful ruins, and starchitect-designed townhouses on the cheap, the city of Detroit consistently outdoes itself with gilded age mansions asking outrageously small sums. Turned up last week by Curbed Detroit, the Alfred Fisher Mansion is mind-boggling even by Motor City standards. On offer for $1.2M, it was designed by architect Richard Marr and built in 1926 with 15 bedrooms spread out over roughly 16,500 square feet. Taking into account the grounds designed by landscape architect Bryant Flemming, which also has a gigantic pool house with dressing rooms and heated benches, an eight-car garage, a wrought-iron conservatory, an outdoor teahouse, and a rose garden, the total square footage is more like 35,000. Under the roof of this Tudor Victorian, which apparently makes at least one redoubtable nearby offering "look like a Pizza Hut," there's a prohibition-era bar hidden behind solid oak doors, a billiards room with stained-glass windows and a limestone fireplace, and a huge ballroom, all documented below in a set of vintage photographs. Get to it, folks:

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