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Former Chapel Resurrected as a 'Rock 'n Roll' Restaurant

When Dutch designer Piet Boon first set to work converting this former military hospital chapel in Antwerp, Belgium into a swanky "rock 'n roll"-themed restaurant, he made a conscious effort to renovate only what absolutely needed it, and to leave the rest of the "beautifully aged" structure "as is". Now, thanks to this insistence on keeping the old, The Jane restaurant offers both modern elements and lovely, vintage features, like original domed ceilings, peeling paint, and patterned tile floors. Sleek leather table settings and lounge furniture outfit the nave area, while the former alter functions as the restaurant's kitchen. Further adorning the former place of worship is a massive starburst chandelier designed by Beirut-based design studio .PSLAB, as well as some cheeky new stained glass depicting such random, unholy iconography as penguins, gas masks, and one spooky, grinning skull. Take a peek at the photos below, then head to Dezeen for the full gallery.

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