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Have a Magic Moment With These Markered-In Museums

Recent years have yielded up enough remixed-museums-as-art-projects to stock a few MoMAs. Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim alone has been tripled in height, built out of dishes, turned into a halloween costume, and rendered in gingerbread. For Madrid-based architect Marlon de Azambuja's latest gallery retouching, he took a magic marker to renderings of the Whitney, the Tate Modern, and nine other iconic museums, paring them down to the bare essentials with a batch of neon line drawings. Think of it as a great way to pry these buildings away from the ever-swirling design controversies and get back to what made them well-known in the first place.

Last time Azambuja tackled museum designs saw him recreating their shapes with functioning birdcages. With Gran Fachada ("Grand Facade" in English) he's taken coloring within the lines to a pretty far-out place. Head over to Co.Design for a look at the full series.

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