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Olympians Mancuso & Moseley Endorse Squaw Valley Expansion

Controversial plans to expand Squaw Valley's base village just got a somewhat surprising endorsement from a slew of local athletes, most notably Olympic skiers Jonny Moseley and Julia Mancuso. KSL Capital Partners, the owners of Squaw Valley, have been fighting to redevelop the base after their original 2011 proposal called for an enormous 101.5 acre, 1000 residence, 132,000-square foot aquatic park that local conservationist group Sierra Watch dubbed as a crazy mash-up of "North Korean severity, Vegas excess, and Disney surrealism" . Several screaming matches later, KSL's new plans cut 700 bedrooms, kept a large portion of the day-skier parking lot, maintained the members locker room, and kept several Olympic and historic buildings. Also gone is the massive "Grand Camp" aquatic center, which aimed to turn the ski area into Water World. While environmentalist say the scale of the plans is still too much for the Sierra Nevada resort, it appears that Mancuso, Moseley, and company are ready to give the project the green light. Tell us, does this Olympic-sized endorsement change your opinion?
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