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Elvis Presley's Palm Springs Honeymoon Roost Asks $9.5M

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Before getting to "glass & peanut brittle stonework" or "art deco design & furnishings," the listing for the Palm Springs home where Elvis and Priscilla Presley spent their honeymoon wastes no time laying out the implications of the four-bedroom's claim to fame. After a Las Vegas wedding in May of 1967, the couple spent their honeymoon in this "historic mid-century masterpiece," and voila, "Lisa Marie was born 9 months later." The King rented the home for about a year starting in 1966, and as reported by the Wall Street Journal, a copy of the original lease hangs on the wall, along with loads of other Elvis memorabilia that the current owner, who bought the place in 1989 and turned it into a museum, saw fit to stock it with. According to the agent representing the former love nest, "it's very difficult to price something like this," but the tidy sum settled upon was no less than $9.5M.

The next owners will have to decide whether to continue the practice of offering guided tours given by docents in Elvis and Priscilla costumes, which has apparently made the 1960s abode "a popular destination for Elvis fans." As to the home itself, one visitor once described it as looking "a little like a space station, a little like an old folks' home," on account of the batwing-style roof. Its roughly 5,500 square feet includes an indoor stage and a wet bar, with a tennis court, pool, and fruit orchard out back. Is it destined for a renovation and a flip, like Presley's former Beverly Hills pad, or for a beleaguered stay in memorabilia-studded celebrity real estate limbo, like the King's disputed "Graceland West"? Check it out in the gallery above and make the call.

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