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Will Future Apartments Really Nix Bathrooms and Kitchens?

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Big news, people. According to German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, all those micro homes out there without bathrooms or kitchens actually have the right idea—as these unnecessary luxuries are soon to be nixed from the average apartment floor plan. Instead, says the boundary-pushing designer, increasing numbers of "near-future" urban dwellers will rely solely on restaurant meals—much like Le Corbusier when he lived in his 'Cabanon"—and showers at the gym. While this might sound slightly ridiculous, considering there's only so much take-out a person can order, and also, uh, other uses for a bathroom, renderings of these future homes make up a great deal of Grcic's career retrospective at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany.

Also on display is the slightly more dystopic Public Space park, which features a fenced-in expanse surrounded by urban rubble and dotted with chairs of the designers own making—which accommodate only one person and speak to a future where people are increasingly isolated from one another. Enjoy some home cooking and a nice, long bath, and then read the full story over at Fast Co. Design.

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