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Tudor on Steroids Comes With a Speakeasy, Wants $27M

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Considering that Silicon Valley venture capitalist Kelly Porter once claimed this 30,000-square-foot home to be "worth every bit of $45 million," the fact that it's now back on the market for a relatively paltry $27M has got to sting a bit. The landmark-status, seven-bedroom Tudor in Los Altos Hills, Calif. was built in 1914, but got a major "update for a 21st Century lifestyle" thanks to Kelly, and now offers such gold-leafed touches as a Venetian-inspired ballroom, an Italian statuary, and bedroom suites with detailed marble carvings. And because decadence was clearly a priority here over budget, or say, subtly, there's even a 20-foot-high library that hides an old-school speakeasy behind one massive false shelf. Alas, these many amenities put into place over the course of the seven year renovation have done little to seduce a buyer, causing the price to drop from its 2008 ask of $45M, to $36M, to where it lands today. Take a peek at the grand, much-discounted property, below:

· Regal Los Altos Hills Tudor Asking $27 Million []
· 12335 Stonebrook Ct,
Los Altos Hills, CA []