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Cozy Cabin on the Outside, Surprise Upgrades on the Inside

The most recent episode of NBC's reality show American Dream Builders tackled historic cabins, and in the spirit of the show, Zillow uncovered this gem in the middle of the Colorado wilderness (well, it's 25 minutes from kickass skiing at Telluride). With only 2 bedrooms and 3 baths, the $895,000 home is tiny, measuring in at a measly 1,668 square feet. From the outside, it looks like any cabin in the woods, albeit a little cleaner. There's the standard wood construction on almost 10 acres, a covered porch, and a peaked roof that shelters a handy little loft. Step inside this woodsy abode and you find a renovated masterpiece. Okay, we admit that the overdone decorating is a bit distracting, but look behind all those hipster antler hangings and you'll see restored (and some new?) flooring, a fireplace, recessed lighting, new skylights, a modern kitchen and even a remodeled bathroom. While the upstairs might feel a bit claustrophobic given the sloping roofline, we love that you can step onto the rooftop deck and take in panoramic views from an adirondack or from your hot tub. Strip away some of those faux fur throws and you could have something magical, all for under a million bucks.

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