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Eat a Vegan Dinner in Jeffrey Dahmer's Infamous Ohio Home

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Just when it seemed like the wild world of dining couldn't get any more remote, weird, or—frankly—ridiculously unappetizing, someone's up and decided to turn Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home in Akron, Ohio into a vegan restaurant. The someone, in this case, is none other than the Ingrid Newkirk—president of the animal rights organization PETA—who expressed interest in buying the $295K property as a means of recreating the site of Dahmer's first killings into "something positive."

In a letter to the realtor representing the three-bedroom, 2,170-square-foot abode, the never-subtle PETA rep compares the grizzly murders to modern day meat consumption, explaining that "establishing a vegan restaurant in Jeffrey Dahmer's old (slaughter)house would allow people to think of all the individuals who are still being killed and eaten and encourage them to practice kindness to animals with every bite they take." Whether zoning will O.K. the nutty request or not remain to be seen, but if it does, expect to see some very popular Lizzie Borden froyo emporiums and Joel Rifkin gluten-free pizza joints popping up in the near future.

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