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Medieval-Style Fortress in the Middle of NYC Wants $7M

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Why shell out the big bucks for some crumbling old castle in Europe, when there's this perfectly lovely medieval offering to be had in NYC? Newly on the market for $7M, the two-bedroom home's Game of Thrones-esque interiors were designed by the NYC-based architecture firm Schwartz & Gross, and feature what appears to be a whole lot of stone walls, fanciful stained glass, and more wood paneling than any single family home rightly needs. The property's brokerbabble decreed "old world elegance" is further enhanced by its not-at-all apartment-sized entertaining space—which includes a massive terrace, a grand foyer, and a 17-foot-high living room that's large enough for jousting, staging Shakespeare plays, and even hosting the odd Renaissance fair. Have a look, this way:

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