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Two-Home Oceanfront Compound in Carmel Wants $25M

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Location: Carmel, Calif.
Price: $25,000,000
The Skinny: The $25M asking price for this midcentury beach house on the shore of Carmel, Calif., may seem excessive at first glance, but once you drill down into the listing and realize that it actually includes another, slightly smaller boardwalk house, views of the Pebble Beach links, and a pretty awesome cupola that overlooks the sea—well, it's still seems maybe a bit excessive. But this is Carmel! Twenty-five million for two teardowns classic homes and 1.45 acres of beachfront property is just another day in paradise. The houses have six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a bocce ball court between them, though the pictured beach house has the upper hand in amenities, with a wine bar, the aforementioned crow's nest cupola, and a pool house. The boardwalk house (which makes up almost half of the property and makes up exactly none of the listing photos) has three of the six bedrooms and the views of the Pebble Beach course, which makes it a decent throw in for the knit-shirt-wearing, golf-obsessed homebuyer with 25 mil to throw around.

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