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Richard Landry's Ill-Fated Le Grand Rêve Now Asks $18.75M

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It's a story with a plot you predict in the opening credits: renown megamanse sire Richard Landry (who boasts clients like Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg) builds a typically exorbitant, overbuilt megamansion in the suburbs (in this case, just outside of Chicago), it gets a silly name like Le Grand Rêve—that's French for "The Big Dream," an estate name that's destined to be ironic—the global property market crashes in a blazing inferno, and the home lingers on the market asking tens of millions of dollars ... for years. Built in 2007 at a rumored cost of $36M (plus $5M in furnishings) The Big Dream has been a nightmare for its owners. It listed in 2009 for $32M, then, a bit over a year later, the price was chopped to $23M. In 2011, the owners sent the 27,000-square-foot chateau to auction, wherein it, again, did not sell. Three years later, it's back in all its pink portico glory, this time asking $18.75M, a little over half of the initial ask. What's the purported "most expensive house ever built on the North Shore" got to offer? The usual: mahvelous staircases, sparkly chandeliers, and overwrought furnishings galore. Have a look.

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