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Portland Dental Office Feels Like a Cool Tech Startup

While a cool dental office housed in a sleek, converted wood shop sounds the makings of a Portlandia send up, Horacek Dental in, yep, Portland, Ore. is very much a functioning practice. Created by the Portland-based Fieldwork Design firm, the 5,000-square-foot office stays true to "Portland roots" with recycled felted wool wall coverings and Oregon white oak paneling, as well as some large-scale art made from reclaimed wood from the former wood shop. Thanks to exposed beams, an unfinished ceiling, and minimal furnishing—though not as quite as minimal as other extreme dental offices—the entire structure still feels vaguely industrial, no doubt contributing to its unmistakable "cool startup in a warehouse" vibe. In an absolutely not shocking twist, there's even a storm water collection system on site. Basically, unless some local competitor finds a way to fill cavities using artisanal tools completely off the grid, this clinic will forever be the most Portland-centric operation to ever exist. Have a look, below:

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