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Enjoy a Minimalist Vacation at This Boxy Seaside Pad

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Since extreme minimalists need vacation getaways just like the rest of us, but simply cannot put up with kitschy, vaguely nautical decor, considerate, Argentina-based architect Juan Carlos Doblado constructed this all-white, pile 'o boxes right on the Pacific Coast in La Jolla, Peru. Apparently built to "bridge the gap between man and nature," the sleek, two-story structure houses all seven of its bedrooms—each with a private bathroom—on the L-shaped bottom floor, with columns of carved out window spaces in place to provide light. Upstairs there's a shockingly busy red kitchen, a few narrow lounge areas, and access to the (equally spare) terraces and an above-ground pool. Take a look, below, then head over to Design Milk for the full gallery.

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