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Get the, Um, 'Best' of Both Worlds With an $11M Beach Castle

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Sure, you're just dying to get your hands on the keys of a hopelessly tacky modern castle—the kind mini-golf courses and low-budget princess movies can only dream about—but, ugh, the suburbs of Tennessee, South Carolina, or Illinois is just not the glamorous scene you'd like to live out your deep-rooted mandolin-playing, tights-wearing, hair-braiding Renaissance fantasies. But hark! O'er yonder, in California's Orange County! A three-story, 8,000-square-foot castle on the sands of Huntington Beach that is, as the brokerbabble testifies, "ideal for romantic realists" (that's you!). The "enchantingly practical 21st-century Medieval manor" comes well-equipped, with parapets, turrets, and gothic arches, not to mention some stellar views and, um, eye-popping decor, perhaps made more startling by the intense HDR listing photography. To see exactly what one gets for $10.8M, check out the photos, below.

But in all seriousness, if you actually want a beautiful American castle, there are other options, namely Atlanta's pink castle or even upstate New York's gothic revival.

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