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Aspen Luxury Estate 'The Ponds' Asks a Whopping $41M

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Location: Aspen, Colo.
Price: $41,250,000
The Skinny: This bizarrely furnished Aspen manse, dubbed The Ponds, runs the full gamut of "mostly tasteless" (zebra skin rug) to "fully tasteless" (mirrored bedroom ceiling), with a few minor digressions into "almost tasteful" (marooned, lonely-looking Eames chairs), but at least it's interesting. As designed by Aspen firm Bill Poss and Associates, the six-bedroom, 10-bathroom, 11,000-square-foot home has some things going for it, including a floating wooden staircase, panoramic views of Mount Aspen, and the series of eponymous waterfall-fed ponds out back. Cardinal-red deep-pile carpet, weirdo wood carvings, white (!) medieval-style wall sconces, and some deeply regrettable wallpaper choices undo any good will, sadly. There's also a giant rock near the foot of the stairs, because stairs, people descending in the dark to go for a midnight snack, and giant rocks are a super great combination. A screening room, a wine cellar that's not in the cellar, and a spa round out the luxe amenities. The Ponds comes with two price points: you can rent for $150K a month, or buy it for the asking price of $41.25M.

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