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1827 Farmhouse Comes With 150 Acres and Five Extra Houses

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When it comes to this farmhouse in the capital of Maryland, it's tough to parse out which details are the most historic and the most fascinating. The fact that it was built in 1827? Maybe. The fact that it comes with 150 acres, two guest houses, three "tenant houses," a three-bay garage, and a barn with a workshop? Getting warmer. The fact that the land includes a deep-water pier that looks positively made to set the scene for cheesy engagement photos and failed attempts at pole fishing? Surely. But wait! There's more! The brokerbabble also lauds the Pleasant Plains Farmhouse as the former home of Captain Philip Weems, the guy who "taught Lindbergh to navigate and Admiral Byrd to fly." And on top of all that, the interiors are actually fairly delightful. The 6,200-square-foot main house comes with a formal parlor, plank wood floors, original windows, and eight (eight!) fireplaces. Verdict's out on the mural in the foyer, though. The cost of such a place? $6.45M.

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