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Your Stoke For Today: Quad-Skier Kills It Heli-Skiing in Alaska

The Edge of Impossible with Tony Schmiesing from HighFivesFoundation on Vimeo.

A few months ago, we posted a quick story about Tony Schmiesing, a C 4-5 quadriplegic skier who was trying to do what few powder addicts get to do: heli-ski in Alaska. With support from the High Fives Foundation, Points North Heli-Adventures, and even a few bucks from generous Curbed Ski readers (thank you!), Tony made it up north. Check out this sweet video of Tony and company gettin' the goods in Alaska, where he pushed the boundaries of skiing, lived his dreams, and had a helluva good time in powder. Curbed Ski doesn't get mushy or sentimental very often, but as a skier and as a kickass person, Tony proves that there's no room for "what if's, should have's, would have's, or could have's." We only get one life people, let's live it to the max.

· High Fives Foundation [Official Site]

Cordova, Alaska