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Come Home to This Monochrome Villain's Lair For $2.3M

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Perched on a steep and faintly perilous slope beneath the Hollywood sign, the cinematic Nakahouse—newly on the market for $2.3M—is literally taking minimalist, pile o' boxes architecture to new heights. Built by the L.A.-based architecture firm X Ten, the 1,890-square-foot, three-bedroom home, which was awarded the American Institute of Architect's Home of the Year honor in 2012, sits on an existing foundation from a modest house built in the 1960's, but offers new epoxy resin floors and bare white walls. There's also enough floor-to-ceiling glass to make even the slightest acrophobic quake in fear, and maybe the sleekest bathroom (with the squarest of all tubs) to ever exist. Outside, the white terrace, private patio, and a rooftop deck contrast an otherwise all-black paint job. Take a look at the brokerbabble proclaimed "one-of-a-kind architectural tour-de-force," below:

· Award-Winning 'Nakahouse' for Sale in Hollywood Hills []
· 3140 Hollyridge Dr, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles [The Naka House]