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Glenwood Springs Has the Largest Grow Site in Aspen Area

The times they are a-changin.' The Aspen Times reports that the sleepy resort town of Glenwood Springs is about to get even more lethargic- it's now home to the largest grow site in the Roaring Fork Valley. Entrepreneur Ron Radtke, owner of Green Essentials Medical LLC, doing business as Green Dragon Colorado, has a 26,000-square-foot former Coors warehouse that's producing 70 strains of primo weed.

Radtke's retail shop has been selling product to customers in possession of a medical marijuana card, but today is the planned opening for recreational sales (he also owns Green Dragon retail shop in Aspen). Located adjacent to his warehouse, the Glenwood Springs shop has two divided counters to supply medical patients and recreationalists separately. There are also edibles, clothing, vaporizing products, and edibles for sale. It's not just about the buzz, however.

Says shop manager Jeff Kennedy, "We want to offer choices to our customers. Not everybody wants the strongest marijuana possible; some people like the taste, the color, the smell or just the mood they feel from different strains. There are so many other components to a plant that's beneficial or desirable to our customers other than just the THC count."

Radtke already has plans to utilize another building on the property, as well as specially-designed shelving, to create a sales center and flowering space. Those with ahem, sticky fingers, beware. You'll have to bypass the 200 video-surveillance cameras, first.

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