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Inside Bette Midler's Triplex Penthouse on Fifth Avenue

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This month's Architectural Digest takes the grand tour of showstress Bette Midler's Fifth Avenue penthouse, a spread that looks over "Central Park's sun-sparkled reservoir" and is filled with "juicy" paintings with "gutsy brushstrokes or rugged impastos." Then, of course, there's the garden, which is about as lush and dreamy as one would expect from the founder of a nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing forgotten parks: wraparound terraces bloom with pale pink roses and "aubergine clematises [that] clamber up brick walls." The terrace floors are checkerboards of limestone pavers and grass.

Inspired by the joys of her parents—her seamstress mother made Midler "crazy about textiles" while her house-painter father made Midler appreciate "the care and affection that craftsmen pour into their creations"—the interiors of her apartment are, as described by the magazine, a "chipper jumble of periods and styles." In the living room (↑) she's pulled in curtains made of Scalamandré silk and, underfoot, an Art Deco carpet she found on a trip to Paris. The master bedroom is marked by a tufted silk-taffeta bed frame while antique Swedish neoclassical chairs populate the dining room. In all, the whole place comes off as intriguingly casual for a triplex penthouse overlooking the Central Park. There are a few more shots, below, but for the whole suite of images, head to AD.

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