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Frank Gehry's 'Magnificent Vessel' in Paris Nears Completion

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Get ready for a veritable wastebasket full of crumpled-up piece of paper jokes, because the Fondation Louis-Vuitton pour la création (Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation) has released a set of in-progress construction photos showing its Frank Gehry-designed outer shell coming together. Anyone even passingly familiar with the starchitect's love of jumbled-up shapes should recognize his primary aesthetic preoccupation playing out in the glazed-glass sails covering this Paris cultural complex, which broke ground in 2006 and is expected to open this fall. Of the $143M venue's design scheme, Gehry once opined that he dreamed "of designing, in Paris, a magnificent vessel symbolizing the cultural calling of France." Come autumn, we'll get to hear what Parisians think of Gehry's interpretation of said calling; even if it's bad it can't get any worse than D.C.'s opinion on theirs.

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