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World's Most Expensive Star Trek Shrine Wants $35M

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Boldly going where no incredibly decked-out nerdshrine has gone before, the 27,000-square-foot Mediterranean villa of entrepreneur Marc Bell just hit the market asking a whopping $35M. Part of the personal fortune that furnished the starship Enterprise-inspired minibar pictured above came from Bell's stint as the CEO of the company behind Adult FriendFinders, and his work as the two-time Tony Award-winning producer of Jersey Boys and August: Osage County, so if the full-scale Borg model didn't make it abundantly clear, dude's really into cultivating and sustaining fantasies. Rounding out the bait-and-switch dissonance between the storied facade and the geeked-out interior is a video game room furnished in Call of Duty-esque fashion and a converted ballroom stocked with more than 60 vintage arcade cabinets. Below, check out this awe-inspiring eight-bedroom, which doesn't look quite as elaborate as some of the world's best Trekkie shrines, but gets an A-plus for effort:

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