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Drop $68K a Week and Rule the Lismore Castle All Summer

Feeling a bit unenthused by the paltry selection of castles on the market in the United States? In that case, consider a quick jaunt to Lismore, Ireland, where the brokerbabble-coined "Gaelic grandeur" is palpable and the Lismore Castle sits waiting for the right King or Queen to come along for the summer. Currently on the rental market for $68K a week the neo-Gothic estate dates back to the 12th century, first used as an abbey for King Henry II, and later as the 17th-century home to the first Earl of Cork. Extensively rebuilt in the mid-19th century the William Cavendish—the sixth Duke of Devonshire—the 15-bedroom, 26,900-square-foot estate is said to house up to 23 guests, all of whom "can stay in splendor and comfort" whilst being looked after by a personal staff. The rental also boasts updated facilities, grand ballrooms and banquet halls, and on-site fishing grounds, which are opened to guests and plebeians alike. Take a look:

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