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Santa Barbara's 'Little Paradise' From Scarface Asks $35M

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The Santa Barbara mansion that starred as Tony Montana's Neoclassical home in the 1983 cult classic Scarface has hit the market for $35M. Designed by American architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue for a wealthy New York transplant at the end of the Gilded Age, El Fureidis ("Little Paradise") last listed for $35M in 2008, when Russian billionaire Sergey Grishin scooped it up for an unknown price (it was reported to be $6.23M, though sources insist that was just the loan existing on the house when it was sold) the following year. In 2012 the financier tossed the property, a 10,000-square-foot house surrounded by 10 acres of Persian gardens, pools, and patios, onto the rental market for $30K a month. Apparently the rental market was not as hot as the current megalomansion scene (which is on figurative fire), so Grishin is now hoping multimillionaires interested in, erm, stylistically eclectic homes, the kind with Byzantine-inspired barrel-vaulted ceilings, beautiful tilework, and run-of-the-mill finishes and drab details everywhere else, will be lining up to call this silver screen estate home.

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