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'Treehouse For Grown-Ups' is Made From Playground Parts

Apologies children, but it appears that the latest in arboreal architecture is geared toward grown-ups seeking sky-high clubhouses. This hippie-chic haven in Ontario, for example, was built by design blogger Lynne Knowlton as the ultimate relaxation escape—and occasional rental—perched in the woods behind her family's home. "We built our treehouse as a getaway. A big escape," explains Knowlton. "We all have moments of stress and feeling crazy tweaked. It evolved into a treehouse for grown-ups." Interested in renting? That would be $230 a night.

In an effort to both keep building costs low most of the structure is made from reclaimed, "up-cycled" items, including wood and a tin roof from an old barn, and a red slide reclaimed from an old playground. The treehouse also comes with such adult-friendly amenities as a built-in bar that connects the porch to the interior through a bay window (!!), an open floorplan large enough for entertaining, and plenty of hammocks strung up in the sun. Prospective renters can find more photos, this way.

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