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Barragán-Influenced Compound is Without Peer in Weirdness

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Surely whoever named this 7,200-square-foot compound the Casa De Vidrio knew that it meant "House of Glass," but what boggles the mind is that they thought the most salient feature of this truly, erm, unique home was its walls of glass. Was "Casa de freewheeling Luis Barragán nightmare" taken or something? The lauded Mexican architect been given his fair share of tributes over the years, but this one is undoubtedly the oddest; it might be the most inexplicable home in all of Santa Fe, a city whose offbeat offerings include Frank Lloyd Wright's only adobe house, a pair of $550K "meditation caverns," and Randy Travis' bonkers ranch. Listed for $6M, this curvilinear five-bedroom architectural singularity was, according to the listing, "inspired by the concentric building layouts of the Anasazi," with a "color palette that complements the natural colors of the surrounding landscape." Inside, this provides for "abundant opportunities to display art," which the current owners haven't been shy about in the least.

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