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This Pint-Size 'Urban Cave' is the Epitome of Cozy

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"Cave-like" has some negative connotations, sure, but none of them apply to BoxHome, a supersmall, superskinny prototype house that proposes to fit every needful thing into a warm, dark dwelling that measures a mere 7.5'x18'. Finnish architect Sami Rintala designed it with a kitchen and bath on the first floor and a living room and bedroom on the second, and he claims that the construction cost was about a quarter of an apartment of comparable size in the area of Oslo it's parked in. For Rintala—who once designed a 20-ton "treehouse" that's more akin to a mansion on stilts—the behind this "urban cave" is to prove that "making a simple house, after all, is perhaps not such a difficult task" that it should be left to expensive, high carbon-footprint developers. As long as the insides of our metallic future-grottos look this dapper, that sounds like a brand of prehistoric nostalgia that a lot of people would be on board with.

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