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Robert A.M. Stern's English Regency in Dallas Wants $37.5M

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Much ink has been spilled evaluating Robert A.M. Stern's body of work. The 75-year-old American architect has been called "the Ralph Lauren of architecture" and the "suede-loafered sultan of suburban retrotecture," and alternatively credited with bringing "classicism into the public realm and the mainstream of the profession, reinvigorating it for generations to come" and "cynically mining the past for its nostalgia value." So where one falls on his Baron House, a 15,254-square-foot "English Regency" ("sifted through American Federal," according to his firm's description) by way of north Dallas, probably depends on your level of comfort with well-applied traditionalism.

Either way, the circa 1997 home is unequivocally prettier than Stern's missteps—having more in common with the opulent Stern-designed Aspen estate where John Edward's mistress once hid out—and it's most definitely not a "pied-a-terre," as the listing calls it. Aside from interiors that look like they were pulled from a vintage issue of Country Living, this four-bedroom's got a leather-walled billiards room, a "natatorium" (read: pool), and a well-manicured nine-acre grounds with terraced gardens and a two-story guest house. The ask? A sky-high, Ralph Lauren-worthy $37.5M.

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