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This Apartment was Co-Designed by the Pinterest Hivemind

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The latest marketing stunt from Crate and Barrel's younger, hipper, and cheaper cousin CB2 involved the creation of what was referred to as "the first-ever apartment designed in real-time and entirely on Pinterest." Which is to say that a five-member team of interior designers and popular pinners was assembled to fill the rooms of a rented-out New York apartment with whatever CB2 products were "pinned" the most over the course of a single day. Take for example one of Sunday's showdowns, in which writer and brand manager Daniel Bear Hunley (follower count: 1.6M) asked users to choose from the table lamps Cloche, Greyline, and Luli, the last of which cleared the pin-count competition (some would say unfairly, given its abnormally high level of whimsy) and was featured in the room's final setup. In Politics 101 parlance, the process is somewhere between a pindirect democracy and a benevolent pintatorship.

The lineup of pin-worthy curators also included San Francisco-based interior designer Caitlin Flemming (4M followers), interior designer and Athena Calderone (4.5K followers), lifestyle and design blogger Justina Blakeney (1.2M followers), and L.A.-based interior designer Ross Cassidy (a whopping 4.5M followers). If these figures come as a surprise, it might be time to reconsider the web's most popular virtual bulletin board, which is said to drive more traffic to publishers than Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn combined (and has a mighty fine office, to boot). Peruse the fruits of this lightly crowdsourced adventure in marketing below:

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