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Hansel and Gretel's Brooklyn Hidey Hole Seeks $10.5M

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Know any superlatively fair princesses looking for a piece of fairy tale real estate in the magical realm of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn? How about a septet of dwarves? Do them a favor and direct them the so-called Gingerbread House, an NYC home straight out of the Brother's Grimm that just returned to the market with a slightly reduced price and a new set of listing photos. Not to be confused with an actual full-size gingerbread house, or what happens when architects write fairy tales, this circa 1917 Arts and Crafts style estate by James Sarsfield Kennedy was offered back in 2009 for $12M, only to reappear last year asking $11M, around which time the New York Daily News deemed itc the "most magnificent residence in all of New York City." Looks like this storybook abode may be having trouble coming to grips with what the real-life market can support, as Curbed NY has caught wind of it undergoing yet another price cut, down to $10.5M.

That princely sum gets the next owner a six-bedroom charmer that takes up a full block—what the listing describes in New York terms as the size of 10 townhouses—clad in stone and filled with coffered ceilings, elegant moldings, and stained glass. The listing also notes that it "simply is... magical," but as of press time Curbed has not been able to confirm any specific charms, wards, associated incantations, or imbued abilities.

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